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The prophet (saw) said "Islam is built on five pillars, to bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship but Allah, and Mohammad is the messenger of Allah, to perform salah (5 daily prayers), to give out zakah (the poor due), to make hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah) and to fast during the month of Ramadan" (Sahih Bukhari and Muslim)
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About The Imam

"I have seen the article in The Times on 10 April 2017. The article mentions me and alleges that I have stated that 'violence in support of Islam constitutes a man's greatest deed'. I challenge anyone to find any statement from me using those words. Such reckless and pejorative reporting has sadly become the raison d'être of many media outlets where Muslims are concerned. Any critic with an iota of integrity will never knowingly seek to mislead their adherents by deliberately misrepresenting others. For the avoidance of any doubt, I was not and have never promoted violence as alleged by The Times, or as erroneously attributed to me by a judge who clearly lacked a meaningful understanding of Islam."

Imam Shakeel Begg's Statement Concerning the BBC Case

Imam Shakeel Begg's Clarification of Previous Statements

   Imam Shakeel Begg

Shakeel Begg grew up in South London. His primary, secondary and further education all took place in South London within the London Borough of Lewisham.

He spent five years studying at the world renowned Islamic University of Madinah. He also obtained an M.A in Islamic Studies from the prestigious Markfield Institute of Higher Education and also has a Diploma in Islamic Jurisprudence, a Diploma in Islamic Finance and a Certificate in Islamic Chaplaincy. He is the Chief Imam and Khateeb of the Lewisham Islamic Centre, a position he has now held for more than 19 years.

He is also a volunteer Muslim Chaplain at the University Hospital Lewisham. He is an active participant within the community and champions interfaith dialogue and cooperation, particularly with members of the Christian and Jewish faith within the local community in Lewisham and other local authorities in and around London. He has lectured extensively at various Mosques and organisations around the UK.