LIC’S Press Release on the Tragic Events in Woolwich

We are deeply shocked by the tragic and disturbing events which unfolded in Woolwich on Wednesday 22 of May.

It is further disturbing to hear that these individuals were Muslims. From our perspective, we would like to clarify and confirm categorically, that these actions are in no way, shape or form from the teachings of Islam.

Islam’s position on the sanctity of life, the concept of justice and the value of human life is such that the Quran equates the taking of one human life unjustly, with killing all of humanity – thus the Quran prohibits murder in clear terms [Glorious Quran, Ch 5, verse 32].

It is inevitable at times like these that various groups will seek to drive a wedge between communities. We believe our community in the London Borough of Lewisham (“LBL”) is an excellent one that has an outstanding record with respect to community cohesion within and beyond LBL. We sincerely hope that the heinous crime that has taken place will not lead to long term discord within the borough or beyond.

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