Finsbury Park ‘Terror’ Incident on the 19th of June 2017

In the early hours of Monday the 19th of June, 2017, Muslims leaving Prayers from a Mosque in Finsbury Park on Seven Sisters Road were savagely ploughed down by a man driving a van.

Media reports are stating that one person is dead and around 10 are injured. Lewisham Islamic Centre (LIC) extends its thoughts and prayers for the victims and their loved ones.

Following previous terror attacks, we have heard prominent speakers state that there is “too much Islam in Europe” and even calls for setting up anti-Muslim “militia” and, chillingly, a “final solution”. We urge Muslims to demonstrate the highest and noblest of values, especially in the last days of this blessed month of Ramadan, in rising above such hate speech and refraining from stereotyping whole swathes of the community based on the hateful actions and speech of a minority.

We urge Muslims to be vigilant and to put their Trust in Allah (God) Almighty and not to let these incidents deter them in any way, shape or form from observing their Islamic Faith and Values and to know that the non-Muslim Community in the London Borough of Lewisham, especially its Faith Leaders continue to show their support and solidarity for the Muslim Community in Lewisham and elsewhere.

Lastly, as we approach the end of Ramadan Lewisham Islamic Centre, on behalf of British Muslims, invites every community to join us at any of the upcoming Eid celebrations across the country. Our public show of solidarity and toleration of one another in the face of unrelenting bile and hate-filled provocation is the greatest testament to a total rejection of everything vile and murderous that these extremists and hate preachers peddle.

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