Terror on the Streets of Somalia

The incontrovertible language of terrorism that is Death and Destruction announced itself yet again in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Saturday 14th October with a double truck bombing massacre of almost 300 innocent lives and with over 400 maimed or injured. The Lewisham Islamic Centre extends its thoughts and prayers to all those affected in any way by this atrocity. We pray Almighty Allah (God) grants the dead forgiveness, mercy, and blesses them with the highest station in Jannah (Paradise), and to the injured, a speedy and full recovery.

With a large Somali diaspora in the London Borough of Lewisham, the Lewisham Muslim Community shares the pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters, and we pray that Allah eases your sorrow and grants you patience in this most difficult time.

The insatiable bloodlust driving the perpetrators of this latest act of barbarism on the African mainland is as warped and degenerate as the unhinged and chaotic worldview they seek to engender and rule. Peace, love and mercy are fundamentals of any thriving civilisation and the cornerstones of all world religions.

We are saddened that such an appalling and sickening loss of life was afforded the briefest media coverage, with little to no public condemnation from World Leaders even as near daily atrocities take place perpetrated against the Muslim population in Central African Republic.

To Allah we belong and to Him is our return.

We pray that Allah continues to protect the innocent and downtrodden, andthat He exposes the plots of all oppressors and evil doers wherever they are, and brings them all swiftly to true justice.

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