LIC Supports MCB’s Call for an Inquiry into Islamophobia in the Tory Party

Lewisham Islamic Centre (LIC) supports the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) in its call for an inquiry into claims of Islamophobia in the Conservative Party.

Lewisham was one such area where recently a Conservative party member and candidate for the local elections was suspended for Islamophobic tweets.

We are deeply disappointed that the Conservative Party continues to deny this serious issue and are appalled by the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid’s altogether dismissive attitude despite clear evidence to the contrary. Whilst we recognise the importance and value of much needed diversity in politics especially among under-represented groups, Javid’s appointment in one of Government’s top cabinet post is certainly no indication or confirmation that Islamophobia is not a problem within the Tory Party.

LIC applauds MCB’s call, and note that the MCB represents over 500 UK Muslim groups, organisations, mosques and charities, far and above any marginal “Islamic” organisation touted by Government.

The issue of Islamophobia is by no means limited to party politics and is far more pervasive in UK society. It is our belief that the state and its vast network of agencies and agents (or think tanks) and the media are central to understanding Islamophobia where unfortunately Muslim identity and inveterate Islamic beliefs and practices are now presumed “against British values” or “a terror threat”.

It is expected that the issue of Islamophobia will be treated with the same seriousness, abhorrence and urgency as are other forms of discrimination, including anti-semitism, and expunged from societal acceptance and institutionalisation.

We also invite the Lewisham community to our event ‘Lewisham Together’ in solidarity with the Muslim Community and the People of Lewisham on Saturday the 9th of June at 7.00pm outside LIC to oppose the sowers of hatred, deceit and division in their perennial ambition for elected office.

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