Concerning The Sun Article dated 06/11/18

The latest Sun article dated the 6th of November 2018 which mentioned Imam Shakeel Begg of the vibrant and active Lewisham Islamic Centre is only the latest example of regurgitated sensationalist twaddle from a despised tabloid forever throwing red meat to Islamophobes and racists engendering division in civic society.

Previous Press Releases are unequivocal in clarifying Imam Begg’s position and that of the Lewisham Islamic Centre on a range of issues rehashed in the Sun. And it is entirely unsurprising that a publication where competence and credibility are almost redundant, that it can only find validity for this non-starter of a story at the very bottom of the cesspit in the Quilliam Foundation (who are as welcome in mainstream UK Muslim communities as a bacon sarnie) and the Henry Jackson Society, whose Islamophobic credentials are well publicised.

The overwhelming support and engagement that Imam Begg continues to receive from those who know him and what he truly espouses is a categorical rejection of one Judge’s interpretation of matters vis-a-vis the BBC. Local Faith Groups, Political Groups, Community Groups all consider Imam Begg and the Lewisham Islamic Centre cherished equals in this most united of Boroughs, Lewisham.

The anti-racism event at The New Cross Learning Centre was a great success drawing a very large gathering. Imam Shakeel Begg was greatly honoured to speak alongside more than twenty other speakers and activists all united in the common good of promoting the human race irrespective of colour and creed. Standing up to racists, xenophobes, anti-Semites and Islamophobes is and will forever remain a noble cause, and we are grateful that a major UK political party considers these existential threats so serious it organises such forums in order to unite communities. It is a lasting shame and regrettable that some publications of influence actively work against this vision. Nevertheless, and in line with the noble teachings of Islam, the Lewisham Islamic Centre and Imam Begg will continue to strive for a better and even more united Lewisham, a better London, a better UK and a better world however much those detractors detest it.

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