Daily Telegraph apologises to the Lewisham Islamic Centre

In April 2019, we announced a series of apologies to the Lewisham Islamic Centre from the usual right wing media outlets concerning a fabricated and accusatory tale regarding our Scouts group. We are now pleased to add that, in this case, the last of the fake news mongers, The Telegraph, has equally offered its apology to the Lewisham Islamic Centre.

It was The Telegraph, with shoddy investigative assistance from the nefarious Henry Jackson Society, who first broke the lie that our scouts group was being investigated by police for fears of extremism and for allegedly segregating children who attended the scouts group. And with rabid enthusiasm, the fake news was seized upon by the likes of The Times, The Daily Mail, The Daily Star without so much as a soupçon of fact finding to ascertain the validity and credibility of the so-called news story. Then again, what is to be expected of “professional journalism” when Truth, Integrity and simple courtesy to news consumers are traded for blatant partisanship and unbridled hysteria?

The Telegraph stubbornly held on to their flimsyand misconceived ideas like a dog with a bone until the eleventh hour before finally conceding defeat to the Lewisham Islamic Centre, all praise be to Allah.

The retraction and apologyhave beenpublished on Telegraph online, and have now also been published on page 2 of the Daily Telegraph dated 07 June 2019 (please see below).

The Lewisham Islamic Centre will not be deterred by any right wing media bullhorn with lies and deceit in its arsenal. We continue to fight back with honesty, decency and transparency in our ongoing stance againstoppressionand injustice.

We would like to thank all our supporters for their continued trust in our work and their cherished friendship, particularly the Scouts Association. Our scouts leader, who himself was personally defamed in the articles is pursuing claims for defamation against each of the publications, and we pray for his victory in vindicating his name.

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