Nominate Lewisham Islamic for the Mayor’s Award

Nominate Lewisham Islamic Centre for the Mayor’s award for volunteering by clicking on the link below:

I will only take you a few minutes to complete:

1. On the first name, surname, organisation section, please state: Lewisham Islamic Centre 

2. On the email address for the other, please state: [email protected]

3. For the organisation’s telephone, please state: 0208 690 5090

4. For the address, please state: Lewisham Islamic Centre363 – 365 Lewisham High Street,Lewisham, London, SE13 6NZ

5. The section that says why they should be nominated, please state: “For the great work they always do but particularly over the Covid period”

6. The rest is just your details.

Jazaka’Allahu Khayran for your contribution. Please forward to others.

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