LIC Stands in Solidarity With Masjid Al Aqsa

With predictable timing, the Zionist Israeli State unveils its latest violent aggression against the Muslim Palestinians even in this blessed month of Ramadan, attacking worshipers in their place of worship at Al-Aqsa. 

This scripted provocation of a twisted serial plot takes place nearly every Ramadan, yet the so-called Free World entertains this continuing injustice with sham and empty words of “de-escalation” and “peace”, all the while shamelessly equating aggressors and victims!

We stand in absolute solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine, as do all people with a burning love of justice and accountability. 

We ask Muslims everywhere to raise their hands in these last days/nights of Ramadan and supplicate to Allah to keep our Palestinian brothers and sisters constant and unrelenting in this struggle, and to bring a swift end to this unjust and barbaric pursuit of this blessed land. 

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