Israeli elections, terror for Gazans

Another Israeli election, another blood bath. The perennial Israeli onslaught on Palestinians and in particular the brutal killings in and attempted destruction of Gaza are as certain as are death and taxes.

The Lewisham Islamic Centre yet again questions the prevailing and self-imposed blind spot the world has about Israeli atrocities in Palestine. The world readily advocates freedoms and justice in some places while denying others the same, all the while serving a cowardly and crumbling Israeli agenda in Palestine. It thus behoves the lovers of truth and justice to embody and personify the best jihad of speaking the bitter truth to tyrants and oppressors.

The Israeli State may pride itself foremost on superior militant strength in occupied Palestine, but we are convinced that indomitable and inimitable Palestinian spirit will endure and ultimately prevail in spite of all else, Inshallah.

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