Statement of Hajj Provisions for UK Muslims to UK Saudi Embassy 

His Excellency Khalid Bin Bandar Bin Sultan,

Saudi Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Your Excellency,

Assalamu alaykum,

We write to you on behalf of the Lewisham Muslim community, although in truth, the reason for our communication is much more widely shared across the UK Muslim community.

You are no doubt aware of the changes to the Hajj pilgrimage event where all potential Hujjaj must now pre-register on the Nusuk app. You may also have heard about the deep and growing concerns applicants are having logging into the Nusuk app and verifying their applications.

We appreciate the steps the Saudi government is taking to fully take charge of the process of fulfilling this most sacred of Islamic religious ritual by protecting applicants from fraudsters and sham Hajj agents, but unfortunately, the ongoing problems with the Nusuk app is leading many Muslim applicants, through personal testimonies, to frustration and depressed mental health.  

Considering the gruelling schedule of the Hajj itself, we consider any and every effort to facilitate the experience to be a blessing from Allah himself so that every Haji and Hajjah can keep forever the most beautiful memories of a once in a lifetime religious obligation. To that end, and with only a few weeks remaining before Hajj 2023 commences, we urge you to kindly take this matter up with the Saudi Ministry for Hajj to kindly spare no expense in ensuring the Nusuk app is viable and accessible at all times when needed.

Yours truly,

Lewisham Islamic Centre

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