Letter to Ambassador Teferi Melesse Embassy of Ethiopia

Ambassador Teferi Melesse
Embassy of Ethiopia
17 Princes Gate
London SW7 1PZ

5 June 2023

Dear Ambassador Teferi Melesse

We write to you on behalf of Lewisham Islamic community with respect to the disturbing news in Ethiopia of several Mosques being destroyed and Muslims being targeted, including their homes being demolished allegedly because of their faith.

As you will be aware, Ethiopia has a great tradition as a place of refuge and justice in the history of Islam, where our beloved Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) ordered his companions to migrate and seek sanctuary with The Negus in the face of persecution at the hands of the Makkan elite at the time.

We sincerely hope that our Muslim brothers and sisters can continue to call upon this noble legacy of The Negus and continue to be afforded their right of religious freedom and worship in the great land of Ethiopia.

We urge the Ethiopian government to immediately stop the demolitions and return to resolving any perceived problems through dialogue.

We trust you will raise our concerns and those of the wider Muslim community with His Excellency Seleshi Bekele Awulachew and we look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

Lewisham Islamic Centre

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