Working with the wider

Working with the wider community

Appreciation Dinner

After the attack in Woolwich early in 2013, the British Nationalist Party planned to march from Woolwich to Lewisham, in an act of provocation and an attempt to intimidate the diverse communities of the bouroughs. Alhamdulillah (all praise be to God), with a huge show of support from organisations and individuals around Lewisham Islamic Centre, the march was banned.

A Dinner was hosted in September by the Centre in gratitude for this support, and was well attended by councillors, leaders of faith groups, activist organisations, and the Mayor of Lewisham.

Blood marrow registration drive

On the night of 3rd August 2013, the blood marrow registration drive in aid of Rayaan Siddiqui came to Lewisham Islamic Centre. Unfortunately, the proportion of marrow donors from asian ethnicities is low, making the possibility of finding Rayaan a successful match rather slim.

By the end of the night, nearly 100 newly registered donors had signed up, and with awareness of the issue now raised, the community would continue to sign up in the coming weeks.

Fostering with Tower Hamlets

Lewisham Islamic Centre is happy to work with Tower Hamlets' Foster care services. The Centre has brought the community's attention to the issue, and has recruited potential foster carers for Tower Hamlets.

An afternoon tea was arranged by the foster care services to thank those who had helped them in the past, and to cement our working relationship for the future.